José Cardenal?

In 2021, I had some things to say about the makeup of the revamped Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame. That’s part of the fun of any hall of fame, nitpicking about who was put in and who was left out. The most egregious decision, in my opinion, was including Bill Buckner. My ranking has himContinue reading “José Cardenal?”

A Short History of the Rookie Card, 1887-2022

On December 28, 2021, Ryan Cracknell of Beckett Media tweeted this… …and thus began the Great Rookie Card Debate. Is 2021 Bowman’s Best Wander Franco’s rookie card? I have been collecting the Chicago Cubs for almost 30 years, and rookie card collecting has been a huge part of that. Most collectors, particularly baseball card collectors,Continue reading “A Short History of the Rookie Card, 1887-2022”

Mount Rushmore: The Four Pillars of Collecting the Cubs

In 2015, PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) put together the Mount Rushmore of Cards for each segment of the hobby. The four cards weren’t necessarily the most valuable, but the ones that best represented each sport in the hobby. The four cards they selected for baseball were 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner, 1916 Sporting News Babe Ruth,Continue reading “Mount Rushmore: The Four Pillars of Collecting the Cubs”

From Banks to Buckner

These rankings are based on four primary factors: WAR (Wins Above Replacement) according to, WAR according to, peak WAR, and Playing Time. Playing Time (plate appearances for hitters and innings pitched for pitchers) is adjusted to match the scale of WAR by dividing career PA by 300 or career IP by 120. IContinue reading “From Banks to Buckner”

An Introduction

I’ve been collecting the Chicago Cubs since I was a teenager, beginning with my first favorite player: Sammy Sosa. I started a Sosa collection somewhere around 1995, before he became SAMMY. Then 1998 hit, and that pile of 90 Leafs I had accumulated for $2 a piece suddenly didn’t seem so ridiculous. Thus began myContinue reading “An Introduction”

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